Climate Change (The Cat is Out the Bag )

The next two books in Tales from Cat Town .. Children’s Book Series. Will cover the main and worrying crisis that is hanging over us all. Nothing else matters or comes close. This will trump all other problems if Climate Change is not addressed immediately. Most governments around the globe are starting to realise this. In recent months the Climate has started to show real signs of showing her teeth. Soring temperatures Wildfires breaking out all over the World flooding on a biblical scale.

I have always been interested in the weather. I regularly send the rest of The Cat Town team weather reports. When I see some unusual patterns on my many weather apps.

This is because Cat Town is very susceptible to extreme weather events. As seen on the Cat Town map (book 1 Deidre Finds a Home) The dry river bed runs around the bottom of Cat Town.

It will quickly turn from a bone dry river bed to a raging torrent with not a cloud in the sky. If there is a storm in the faraway hills the water will soon make its way towards Cat Town. 

Also, a storm that hits Cat Town with the ferocity as in (Books 6 & 7 The Great Cat Town Storm Pt 1&2). It is not just the Dry River that puts Cat Town in danger. Surface water flooding would be especially dangerous in Cat Town. The steep hill at the back of Cat Town home of the Black Eared Furys (also see map Book 1)

The water would cascade down Cat Towns narrow streets turning them into very deadly rivers. Until they spew over the Scary Cliff at the front of Cat Town (also see map Book 1.)

These conditions are very similar to what happened in Germany Holland and Belgium last month. With the very mind-blowing temperatures, we have seen in Canada and are still seeing. The jet stream filtering that warm air into Europe but the 3 above countries. Where in an unusually cold spell as the warm air tried to infiltrate forming moisture merry go round.

The intensity of the rain was incredible. When in the UK the occasional intense rain downpours. It makes us all stop and go WOW… But we all know it will stop in 10 or 15 minutes. Well, that sort of intense downpours were happening with the same intensity for 3 to 4 hours. You could only imagine the amount of surface water that would add up to.

So you did not have to live by a river for water to rush through your living room anyone anywhere could have flooded.

You could go to pick your car up from an underground car park at the wrong time and drownd in your car.

Parts of London experienced the back end of that European deluge. 

So considering all this being passionate about the planet and Climate Change. The fact all the Tales from Cat Town are written from a Cat’s point of view. What do Cats think about what we are doing to the planet? They watch us, look at us sometimes in amazement at what we do the way we act. They love us, wary of us if they could speak what would they say to us about our behaviour as far as Polluting the World we all live.

Have they got memories passed down through families on what the weather used to be like? Do they realize that it is down to humans that the Climate is changing for the worse? Do they feel helpless would they survive if we push the planet too far.

Would they put all issues they have aside with rival Cat Gangs come together in a time of crisis? As this would be a huge problem for Humans if we decide to take Climate Change seriously. Countries putting their differences aside to address the most important issue that faces us all.

What I found as writing about Climate Change from a Cats Point of view was just how helpless they are. Unlike Humans who have the power to do something about the mess, we have created. They tend to put a lot of enforces on survival at all costs. Which as I said earlier I think they would be five steps ahead of us. They are the true survivors. They know this so could not help writing in a certain sort of pity coming from the Cats towards us Humans as far as The Cats were concerned.

I did not plan The Great Cat Storm part I and 2 to come out at this time of worldwide climate events I had written them over a year ago. These events are going to be more and more common. Which they were at the time I wrote them. Let us just hope we start to act all together now.

If writing something as if it came out of the snout of Cat in a Child-friendly way. Helps in any way so be it.

The Great Cat Town Storm   (Part One)

out in September

The Great Cat Town Storm   (Part Two)

out in October

Thank for reading

Norm Wilson

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