Tales from Cat Town

by Norm Wilson, Bazzie & Dawn Larder

The study of the relationships between Feral Cats and domesticated Cats. Told through a series of adventurous stories.




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Deidre finds a Home

In this first book of the Tales from Cat Town series we find Deirdre, a young rural cat, a wildling having been separated from her mother and sister. She must use all her wild instincts to survive. But fate is pulling towards the Catropolis that is Cat Town. How will her instincts fare in this new and sometimes dangerous environment?

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Posh Frank See’s a Ghost

The second book in the Tales from Cat Town series. As the big day in the Master Paws year approaches, the cats are excited about the thought of special treats. But there are Spooky goings on in the Master Paws Den, putting the cats treats at risk. The pure-bred Siamese Cat Posh Frank is getting the blame, but is he behind these Spooky events…?

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Baby Dave Wins His Star

In this third book in the Tales from Cat Town series, the end of The Master Paws year is approaching. The time when the Master Paws, and The Cat Gangs alike, all go a bit crazy. This craziness puts Deidre and the kittens in danger: Can Baby Dave step up to save the day and win the Star he wants so much…?

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No Rest For Sheriff

The fourth book in the Tales from Cat Town series. As Sheriff rests from his injury, he receives news that his V.I.C. relation is coming to stay. His relation causes mayhem including upsetting the most powerful gang in Cat town. 


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Ronnie And The Long Haired Scurries

The fifth book in the Tales from Cat Town series. After his favourite uncle, Larry had returned to the big chief master paws’ den, Ronnie was feeling low and was wandering around cat town aimlessly. Ronnie soon meets some unexpected new friends, taking him on an adventure that means a life has to be saved. Can Ronnie pull out all the stops and become the hero of the hour?

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An inspiration to Cats everywhere

Feline Times

The inspiration for writing the Tales from Cat Town series of children’s books came out of three differences instances.

The 1st Just sitting in Cat Town watching the antics of the Cats whether they were Feral or Domesticated their reactions were fascinating. My imagination ran wild. Tamed by the fact both groups had one thing in
common both groups were Cats.

The 2nd I grew up in the back Streets of Walton Liverpool. Where I spent a considerable amount of time prowling along the back walls of the alleys. (Called Jiggers in Liverpool) …. Yes, you guested it with mostly only Cats to keep me company. So, I would watch them combat different obstacles they would be confronted with…. I would try to copy many cuts and bruises later I had some success…. Which would fuel my interest in later years of Free running.

The 3rd The Cat Town team put a camara trap in different locations in Cat Town. It had a night vision option … So as soon as the images started to come in it was the trigger. Story lines started to fly out of my head. With a combination of the above instances, they just kept coming. The last count 24 stories with many new characters and adventures already penned. I hope you enjoy The Tales rom Cat Town book series. Giving you the inspiration to write your own stories.

Happy Reading and Writing
Norm Wilson

Norm Wilson


I was born in 1960 Walton Liverpool (the same hospital ward as Paul McCartney). it was inevitable that I was going to work in music industry... Running my own studio in Bristol for 12 years and also working on production on the Pyramid stage at
Glastonbury Festival from the late 80s to the millennium. But all through this time my passion was writing ….

Writing for music and sports magazines at every opportunity I could get. Getting the chance to write as a hamster called Buster in a local magazine. I enjoyed that so much when the Cat Town idea popped into my head, It was a eureka moment and it had to be done. There is no other animal in the world to write about than cats. I am sure you would agree...

Bazzie Larder

Book Designer

As a totally “crazy cat lover” I was really excited to hear about Norm´s new Tales From Cat Town book series. I love cats and have had them all my life. They intrigue and fascinate me with their incredible abilities and unique behaviour.

I am proud to be owned by 6 cats in my house. They never fail to amaze me with their differing personalities, funny antics and downright cheek at times!

Norm´s books resonate perfectly with me as I observe the relationship of my cats between themselves and also the ´street´ cats they come across when out exploring.

Dawn Larder


Of all the animals I love to draw , cats are by far my favourite. They are as intriguing to draw as they are to watch and I always find a human element within them.

To be involved in The Tales From Cat Town has been a fabulous experience right from the start as Norm Wilson has a unique ability to get inside a cat’s head, mix up his findings with his own unique perception and slightly surreal imagination, and then dispense it all in literary glory.

The series takes you on a whimsical, intuitive, and extremely entertaining journey.